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Slytherin 100

Get your Slytherin fix here!

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Weekly drabble prompts focusing on Slytherin characters

slytherin100 is a weekly challenge drabble community focusing on Slytherin characters. A prompt/challenge will be posted every week and last for two weeks.

Members and non-members may answer the current prompt(s) at any time. Every so often, there will be free-for-all prompts. Outside this period, off-prompt drabbles are not allowed.

Go introduce yourself at this mini introduction survey =D

Posting Rules:

:◊: When answering slytherin100-specific challenges, please post your drabble(s) in its entirety to this community using the template below.

"Title" (Characters/Pairing, Rating, Word Count)
Pairing(s): (If applicable)
Warning(s): (If applicable)
Challenge(s): (If applicable)
Word count:
Author's notes: (If applicable)

:◊: Please spell-check and reread your drabble(s) before posting it. Feel free to edit an entry if you notice spelling and/or formatting errors.

:◊: If you post multiple drabbles in one post, the second (and third, etc.) drabble(s) must go behind an LJ-cut.
:◊: We welcome multiple postings of drabbles in one day. You may post up to five times within twenty-four hours, as long as you space them out (15+ minutes between postings).

:◊: If you type in ALL CAPSLOCK or l1k3 7h15, your post will get deleted.
:◊: If you use Spehshul Sparklypoo font, you will be asked to re-post with the LJ default font. Your original post will get deleted. Repeat offenders will be asked to form a sparklypoo100 community.

Community Guidelines:

:◊: Every entry must focus on at least one Slytherin character. Entries that do not include any Slytherin characters will be deleted.
(Since we were not told where the next generation is sorted into, you may consider them as Slytherins if you wish.
Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter, Rose Weasley and Hugo Weasley are up for grabs. So are Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley.)

:◊: A drabble is 100 words exactly. Imperfect drabbles are allowed up to 200 words.
:◊: You may post a series of interconnected drabbles (revolving around one character/pairing/family/prompt).
Maximum word count in a single LJ post for interconnected drabbles is 10 X 100 words = 1000 words.
(i.e. You may submit a hundred drabbles set in the same universe, but not 100 X 100 words in one single LJ post.)

:◊: Gen, het, slash, cross-gen are welcome.
:◊: Drabbles meant for mature audience (R or NC-17) must go behind an lj-cut.
:◊: Warn for kinks, squicks, incest, chan and other triggery material. These drabbles must go behind an lj-cut.

:◊: We don't have a strict tagging rule. If you mistag, no biggie, the mods will fix it.
Use the available author, character(s) and prompt(s) tags when applicable. When you post your second drabble here you'll get an author tag. You may request new character tags if they're not yet available.
The mods are inconsistent about when/whether they create a prompt tag. This is a fact of life. If the prompt tag is available, please do use it.

:◊: OoC-ness is only allowed in crossovers and parodies. OCs automatically mean your post will be deleted.
:◊: Any grammar and/or spelling mistakes must be intentional. CAPSLOCK is only allowed in CAPSLOCK!Harry parodies. Use italics and bold tags instead for emphasis.

:◊: Please be mature and keep an open mind. If you find a particular post and/or comment offensive, simply ignore it. Or, alert the mods.
:◊: The mod reserves the right to delete trollings and wanks.

:◊: Plugging other LJ communities is fine, as long as it has similar interests with slytherin100.
Please return the favor and plug this community in your personal LJ or LJ community.

(To be an affiliate, contact the mod via PM at lilian_cho or comment to one of lilian_cho's mod posts)

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Current Mods

lilian_cho and benebu.

slytherin100 is mirrored at IJ: slytherin_100.

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