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prompt: Common Room - "In the shifting firelight"

Title: In the Shifting Firelight/Common to Slytherins
Common Room
Character/s: Regulus Black, Severus Snape
Word count:
2 X ~100 words
m/m kissing
JKR owns the HP characters & settings
Author’s notes: Two interconnected drabbles.

In the Shifting Firelight

Although the Common Room was not generally the best place for quiet contemplation, tonight Regulus found himself remaining on the leather sofa long after all others had gone to bed.  The fire crackled and hissed, shadows seemed to move in the shifting firelight.

He had much thinking to do – an important decision to make.  Lucius Malfoy had outlined the proposal, and Severus Snape had reluctantly added some details.  His parents would surely be proud, he would be with Severus, and Sirius would be livid!  That thought decided him – despite Severus’s subtle dissuasions and enigmatic hints, he would do it, and make Sirius furious.


Common to Slytherins

“What…?” Severus asked.

Regulus interrupted, “I’m going to do it,” he said.  “I’m really going to do it.”  Elated, Regulus boldly did as he had wanted for so long – he grabbed Severus and pulled his body against his and kissed him.  “I’m going to join the Dark Lord,” he exalted.

Severus looked at him, his eyes dark and unfathomable, and whispered “Don’t…”, his lips pressed against his own.


Severus’s eyes, now as dark and soft as a midnight, met his own, “Please don’t.”

 Regulus declared, “I will.  Nothing can stop me from being with you.”

Severus’s kiss was as piercing and sweet as melancholic regret.

Tags: author: red_day_dawning, char: regulus, char: severus, prompt: common room

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