Dreaming of Speyside Whiskies (enchantedescape) wrote in slytherin100,
Dreaming of Speyside Whiskies

"All I Want Is" (Reglus Black/James Potter, G, 100)

Title: All I Want Is
Character(s): Regulus Black/James Potter
Pairing(s): Regulus Black/James Potter
Rating: G
Challenge(s): Blood
Word count: 100
Author's notes: This is for my dear friend accio_twinkies

Regulus sighed, dabbing at the red crust over James' eye. "You really should be more mindful of the posts."

James flinched, "Yes, well, if the Slytherin chaser hadn't been after me--"

"Don't blame this on me."

"Why not? You did want that quaffle."

"Maybe I wanted you instead."

James laughed. "Then you're impatient. I was yours two hours after the match ended."

Regulus pouted, "It was two and a half, and we had to dodge my git of a brother."

"Fine, I was late, and he followed me." He winced, "Easy. Do you want me to bleed again?"

Tags: author: enchantedescape, char: james, char: regulus, prompt: blood

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